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“My God Is Jehovah”



Behold, I am the Lord, the God of all flesh: is there anything to hard for Me?

Jeremiah 32:27

There is nothing to hard for God to bring to pass, and the Vision God has given us is this to have our own church sanctuary. We believe there is a real need to have a place to worship and to minister to the need’s of the people we serve, particularly, the one that has just been released from prison. It will be opened to the general public, as well as every day people, who just have a desire to have a place to “fit in”.   A  local church body, so they can be loved and accepted, “just the way they are”. The name of the church will be called, “THE CHURCH OF THE LOST AND FOUND” from a Randy Travis CD, and on Luke 15:24, which is the story the Lord told of the prodigal son returning home, “For this is my son was dead and is alive again : he was LOST, and is FOUND, and they began to be merry” .


Along with this is “ The Elijah House “ a 10 to 20 room dorm, for the people being released that has no where to go, or stay. This will be “ transitional “ living only, till that person is able to make it on his own.


There is a real need for this, as many times, these men are in very dire living condition’s with no support system to help them ,spiritually, physically, or monetarily, so they can get re-established back into society, so they can have a decent opportunity to succeed in life. This very thing, is part of the cause, of why there is a very “ high “ recidivism rate of those going back into the system.


We would like to ask you to consider praying for us in these vision’s. We would greatly appreciate that. If you wish to help us in the financial giving area, all donation’s are greatly appreciated and welcomed,  they are  tax deductible for you record’s,

 “Thank You” and walk in Gods very best for you!