Elijah Ministries
"My God is Jehovah"

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All are Welcome!

Sandy and Denny are down to earth "folks", mom and Dad, God loving people.  They do not fear God they
simply understand that God is love and through love and acceptance they in-act their ministry.

Sandy and Denny have a great capacity for acceptance and they love The grace of a Repentant heart.  It is
important that all who believe realize that no one is greater than the Lord, and knowing this, all must understand
that when a mother or family forgives the trespasses of those who have done harm to their family---their
forgiveness is only a token of what the Lord is capable of in His great and endless capacity to forgive. those who
accept him into their lives and begin atoning for their sins will experience freedom of the soul, something that no
one can cage.  One must accept themselves, love the Lord and learn through him to become a soul that can be
loved by others and be worthy of that love.

Sandy and Denny extend the hand that will guide you on your path to the Lord. take their hands, clasp yours in prayer and find the peace you seek.