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  • About a month ago, I finally found a way out of all my addictions. In fact, I’ve been healed of all addictions. I’ve been struggling for 20 years with addictions.

    -         B.B from Oklahoma.

  • I wanted to write y’all a short note letting y’all know how blessed I am by being able to sit under the word y’all bring forth to us, each time y’all come. I’m blessed double not only by the word y’all bring, but also by the love   y’all given to us.

                                                                                     -   J.D.F. from Oklahoma.

  • I also would like to express “thanks” to you for the wisdom you convey to us from the Bible, I find it inspiring and interesting, and you make it very easy to understand.

    -         S.R. from Oklahoma

  • I would like to “thank you” both for being my “spiritual parents” over the last year, or so, You have both been an “inspiration”, and help in my walk with God.

    -         K.F. from Oklahoma.

  • The word’s you spoke for me were absolutely perfect, and I know only relied on the Holy Spirit. Thank you Denny, for knowing the right thing to do. And thank you both, for your love and kindness.

    -         T.C. from Oklahoma.

  • I keep my head up on the Lord daily, and I have you to thank, for helping me realize that Jesus Christ is the only way, and I thank you, and I send my love, and my prayer to you Denny.

    -         K.K. from Oklahoma.

  • Personally, I thank you  for being a friend, and praying for me, and my family, it means a lot too me.

                                                                                         - G.D. from Oklahoma