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John 4:14


Jeremiah 29:11


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Jeremiah 32:27


Psalms 119:126


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Deuteronomy 30:19

Personal greeting’s from Rev. Denny & Rev. Sandy Landrum:

“O-Si-Yo”, everyone, that is “Hello” in the Cherokee language!

Almost 40 years ago, as young 18 and 21 year old, newly weds, The Lord called us into the ministry. He spoke these words, “No matter what you are doing, in the last days, you will preach my word from the house tops, I will call you out”. We are a “team” for the Lord Jesus!

The Holy Spirit also said these words to us. “I have called you to what society considers the outcast”. Little did we know, those many years ago, that one day we would be in active prison ministry and ministering in a drug & alcohol treatment center. We enjoy every minute of it! We give God all the honor & glory for what He has done through us!

Because I believe in the upbringing and backgrounds that we came from, the mentors that God brought across our paths from time to time, we can see the hand of God in our lives. He shaped and molded us for this purpose that we are called to, to minister to the down trodden, the out cast and to the person that just has a hunger for more out of the word of God, to be victorious in life, to show people by example. We show the preaching-teaching of the word, how the teachings of the Bible can be applied in their everyday lives, “how does this apply to me, how does this help me”, where I’m at in life.

As the church, new testament believers, we like to focus on the “solution”, not the “problem” of the challenges and circumstances of life, to let people “know” that God is on their side, He loves them, cares for them, that He is not that “mean ol' man in the sky” that is waiting just to knock them down when they mess up. As best we can, we do our best to present God as a “good God”. We hope you enjoy and like our web page, visit it often, as we will try to up date from time to time, so “Wa-do”, “thank you” in Cherokee!